Quality Management

Quality Policy

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence Florence Cosmetics Manufacturing Ind. L.L.C is to ensure profitability, growth and continuous improvement and customer satisfaction through manufacturing and supplying quality products and services. Florence cosmetics is also committed to develop its people and the work environment through training and modern technologies in application of relevant standard and regulations.


The QMS Policy of Florence Cosmetics Manufacturing Ind. L.L.C remains committed to the “Manufacturing of Cosmetics Products” considering the following QMS policy has been established;

  • To comply with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 22716:2007 and to continually improve the effectiveness of QMS.
  • Is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports its strategic direction
  • Provide best Quality Services and on time delivery.
  • Generate and ensure a high degree of service consistency.
  • Update the systems to suit the changing needs of the customers as well as technology changes.
  • Providing necessary resources.
  • Commitment of company in setting & reviewing objectives.
  • Complying to applicable Legal / legislative requirements.
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of customers.
  • Development of resources.

Quality Objectives

Quality objectives are strategic, apply to the entire Company and shall:

  • be consistent with the Quality Policy;
  • be measurable and monitored;
  • consider applicable requirements;
  • be communicated;
  • be updated as appropriate;
  • be relevant to conformity of services and enhance customer satisfaction.

Quality Performance Objectives are measurable targets for improving operational performance to ensure process conformity and customer satisfaction. They apply to all departments and functions having direct responsibility for activities that require improvement. Performance objectives and goals are established by management and through employee involvement and monitored within the framework of management reviews.

Florence Cosmetics Manufacturing Ind. L.L.C retains documented information on the status of our quality objectives. If shortfalls are identified, management may revise objectives, issue corrective action requests, or take other appropriate actions to address the issue.

Quality Management Principles

Florence Cosmetics Manufacturing Ind. L.L.C has adopted and realizes benefits of quality management principles into our daily activities. The intent of the quality management system is to provide a foundation to continually improve upon the company’s performance. Subsequent sections of the quality manual will provide our commitment of the following QMP elements:

  • Customer Focus;
  • Leadership;
  • Communications and the engagement of our people;
  • Process approach;
  • Improvement;
  • Evidence based decision making;
  • Relationship Management.
quality principles

Operational Planning & Control

Florence Cosmetics Manufacturing Ind. L.L.C has established, implemented, controlled and maintained the processes needed to meet QMS requirements, and to implement the actions identified by:

  • Determining the requirements of the products and services through the information available from the customers Florence Cosmetics Manufacturing Ind. L.L.C exists information and the information from the relevant legal obligations.
  • Establishing operating criteria for the processes and acceptance of products & services;
  • Determining the resources needed to achieve conformity to product, services and systems;
  • Implementing control of the processes, in accordance with the operating criteria;
  • Determining, maintaining and retaining documented information to the extent necessary, to gain confidence that the processes have been carried out as planned, and to demonstrate the conformity to product, service, system and obligatory requirements.

quality planning

Process Approach

Florence Cosmetics Manufacturing Ind. L.L.C has adopted the “Process Approach” into our daily operation including the PDCA Cycle. We have considered the utilization of RISK BASED THINIKING Philosophy when developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. This approach will enable Automation Solution to enhance the overall performance of the company by effectively controlling the interrelationships and interdependencies among the QMS processes. The implementation of the “Process Approach” in our QMS enables;

  • The understanding and consistency with achieving customer specific requirements;
  • The consideration of our processes in terms of added value;
  • The achievement of effective process performance;
  • Improvement of our processes based on the evaluation of data and information.

Process Approach

Our Certifications

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