Research & Development

Natural Products

Making a product is the easiest job, but making the best product is a unique process. It requires patience, best updated knowledge about formulations, careful selection of raw materials, availability of latest R&D, production equipments and most importantly the ability to understand the customer requirements and produce accordingly.

We have an R&D team capable of making formulation of all cosmetics with the latest knowledge available. Our team is constantly updated with inhouse trainings, seminars by multinational suppliers , and visiting world premier beauty exhibitions. FCMI hold latest equipments in our lab and production facility.

Florence R&D team is committed to constantly investigating new technologies and cosmetics market trends to produce products that will give our company the competitive edge in the market place.

Our R&D is a highly skilled and technically advanced team, working in a modern and well -equipped laboratory. They are dedicated to working with you to develop products to your exact specifications.